Push yourself. Easy is not an option


Push yourself. Easy is not an option F/22/5'6" Hi! My name is Christine and I'm a pescatarian SD native, currently studying to become a future registered dietician. Here, I will share my continuous journey in becoming fit and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I've always been on the heavy side and have been constantly trying new ways to lose weight. I lost as much as 30lbs after turning vegetarian 7 yrs ago, but didn't keep up with the weight loss. Recently, I've completed insanity and a hybrid of insanity/p90x and lost 30 more lbs! & let me not forget, RUNNING was a big part of my weightloss as well; which, I've grown to love! So, here I am still working on becoming a better ME HW: 225 SW: 180 GW1: 170 (: GW2: 160 (: GW3/ CW: 155 150, 145, 140, 135.. UGW: 130
my new babies <3

my new babies <3

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